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MERRILL Exclusive Sponsor|The 2023 Hong Kong Web3 Influence Innovation Summit ended successfully!

On March 28th, it was named and empowered by MERRILL, sponsored by Shenzhen Information Service Industry Blockchain Association, co-hosted by Asia-Pacific Blockchain Association, Hong Kong Blockchain Association, Cointime, co-organized by SoftBank Global Holdings Group and ProTradex, and hot The “2023 Hong Kong Web3 Influence Innovation Summit” hosted by Chain Culture Media was successfully held at the Charles K. Kao Conference Center in Hong Kong Science Park.

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In order to explore more possibilities in the market and respond to market demand in a timely manner with personalized products, the MERRILL AI intelligent quantification team participated in the summit as the general sponsor of the summit (Strategic Sponsor), communicated face-to-face at close range, understood user needs on the spot and answered questions Confused. During the exhibition, MERRILL’s booth was full of people. The good reputation accumulated over the years and a number of innovative achievements were unveiled, attracting a large number of people in the industry to stop and watch and consult on the spot.

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Leader in the Web3 Era – As the theme of this summit, the changes and challenges of the financial industry in the Web3 digital age are also the focus of practitioners. At this summit, Richard, the chief analyst of MERRILL, shared the roadshow of “MERRILL AI Intelligent Quantification System” for everyone. He mentioned that MERRILL SYSTEM (ML for short), as the world’s leading intelligent AI quantitative system, aims at global digital currency, options System trading in the futures and futures markets provides intelligent decision-making, and provides users with top AI quantitative services through professional data analysis and quantitative strategies, technical means and trend business models. At present, the ML product ecology is developed around “spot + mining pool + contract”, and strives to build a “financial supermarket” in the digital asset industry. By building a payment system and enriching wealth management products, ML gradually builds a complete ecology to provide users with comprehensive services such as digital asset storage, transactions, wealth management, OTC services, platform-level custody, fixed income, and structured solutions.

In addition, Richard also shared MERRILL’s development history and performance data, and made an in-depth discussion on the brand’s experience in the blockchain and financial technology industries, covering the application of blockchain technology and its use in different business sectors and its impact on the community . The succinct and straightforward way of narration allowed the participants to clearly understand the glory of the MERRILL brand along the way. In fact, the development history of the MERRILL brand around the world is supported by data. Every major data disclosed means the hard work of the brand in the process of rapidly expanding the operation team. With the overall presentation of a series of major data, the efforts of the multi-regional operation teams have finally yielded positive results. Today, MERRILL’s industry popularity and global influence are steadily increasing around the world, and it is marching towards the top of the industry.

Through this summit roadshow, the majority of Web3 evangelists also have a deep understanding of how MERRILL’s intelligent quantification solutions help users realize the preservation and appreciation of assets. We believe that with the efforts of the application ecosystem represented by MERRILL, empowering users’ needs and creating more value for investors will be the industry trend in the future.

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Looking back at the development history of the MERRILL platform, it is a true portrayal of the brand’s respect for users and win-win cooperation with users. MERRILL has long recognized that technological innovation can bring customers a smoother and more convenient wealth transaction management experience, so the company vigorously promotes technological innovation and regards technology as a key pillar in its business strategy. Looking forward to the future, the ML trading system will also be committed to further accelerating the construction of various business sectors. By building a comprehensive digital asset investment service ecological environment, it will actively incubate excellent blockchain asset projects, promote the implementation of excellent digital asset projects, and help the digital currency industry. vision of healthy development.

The recovery of the mining industry is imminent, have you got these tools?

With the successful launch of public chain testnets such as Iron Fish and Aleo, the mining industry has risen rapidly. It is not difficult to predict that the mining industry will usher in a recovery, which will surely be a growth market exceeding US$10 billion. Here are a few website tools for you to get first-hand information.

navigation station

Miner Hub is the world’s leading blockchain mining information center, aiming to provide comprehensive resource information and navigation for cryptocurrency mining. And it is committed to becoming a hub and bridge between enterprises and users in the mining ecology, providing the most complete and up-to-date mining information and data for global miners.

Miner Hub official website link:

Chia hub is currently the most comprehensive navigation tool for studying Chia ecology. It is the world’s leading Chia ecology information service navigation platform. It is committed to building a hub and bridge for enterprises and users in Chia ecology, and providing the most complete and up-to-date ecology for Chia lovers around the world. information and data.

Chia hub Chinese navigation:

Chia hub English navigation:

Iron Fish hub is currently the most comprehensive navigation tool for studying the Iron Fish ecology. It is the world’s leading Iron Fish ecological information service platform. It is committed to building a hub and bridge for enterprises and users in the Iron Fish ecology, and providing the most All the latest ecological information and data.

Iron Fish official website link:

Aleo hub is currently the most comprehensive navigation tool for studying the Aleo ecology. It is the world’s leading Aleo ecology information service navigation platform. It is committed to building a hub and bridge for enterprises and users in the Aleo ecology, and providing the most complete and up-to-date ecology for Aleo enthusiasts around the world. information and data.

Aleo official website link:

news station

Iron Fish News is currently the most comprehensive media for understanding Iron Fish, providing the most complete and up-to-date ecological information services for Iron Fish lovers around the world.

Iron Fish News official website link:

Aleo News is currently the media with the most comprehensive understanding of Aleo, providing the most complete and up-to-date ecological information services for Aleo enthusiasts around the world.

Aleo News official website link:

Chia News is currently the media with the most comprehensive understanding of Chia ecology, providing the most complete and up-to-date ecological information services for Chia lovers around the world.

Chia News official website link:

An “unboxing” ritual to get your benefits, MetaBase is the ultimate Web3 game that breaks all the boundaries

The current Web3 gaming market seems to be misleading us one game after an other. On one hand, the upgraded releases of mining games simply repeats a mining, withdrawing and selling self-destructive life cycle model, and on an other hand, action AAA GameFi masterpieces are expected to be somewhat difficult to produce. To find the light into this darkness, loop-breaking products at a phenomenal level are essential.


Recently, for the first a welfare-themed Web3 game developed based on the BNB Chain (Binance Smart Chain) has successfully attracted the attention of many players and investors. This is also the first phenomenal product in the whole Web3 gaming space or GameFi that proudly shouted the motto of “Allow all players to enjoy and win the benefits of the Web3.0 effortlessly and happily”, that is MetaBase.

It is known that MetaBase will soon initiate its recruitment plan of Genesis nodes on the chain at the end of March, recruiting a total of 150 Genesis nodes, and once the recruitment process will be completed, MetaBase’s GameFi will be going live straight. As stated in the Metabase’s official website introduction, its vision is “to become the world’s leading Web3.0 platform with a full eco-chain”, creating a virtual social network full of fun and creativity for users. In this world, users can participate in the NFT blind box games to obtain valuable NFT badges and land assets, and can also get more benefits by participating in the NFT pledge mining.

In addition, MetaBase also provides an NFT trading marketplace to facilitate users to trade and exchange NFTs. Through Metabase, users can interact with players around the world, meet like-minded people, and create a fully creative and fun metaverse world together.

As an introduction of Web3 games meeting with Web2 users, MetaBase delivers a loop-breaking solution answers that exceed all expectations. Behind these market performances that can’t be ignored, we are curious to learn what kind of social impacts these type of games can have, and will they lead the way for the sustainable loop-breaking wave of decentralized “play to earn” GameFi?

All these questions were answered after I learned more about MetaBase’s ecological layout and economic model.


Easy to get started with, an optimum mix of contents and technologies

After fully playing MetaBase, we found that compared to most Web3 GameFi in the field, its most significant advantage is that it is easy to get started with.

There is no need of game operation skills, no need to understand the complex economic model design, and no need to grasp Web3 related technical knowledge, the game content and chain interaction parts were made as simple as possible.

The content of the game starts with the players opening blind boxes to get rewards that are different and full of surprises. In this metaverse world, you may find cryptocurrencies that will make you instantly rich, or you may find Meta Spirit NFTs that are full of magic, you can upgrade them by pledging or merging them, which will bring you economic returns worth several times your investment cost; and you can also get a metaverse territory that is exclusively yours, where you can make friends and open up your own digital world.

In terms of specific operations, all you need to do is simply click on the task instructions, make free choices and changes in elements such as the opening of blind boxes, participating in pledges, trading NFTs, activating territories, etc. to form a complete set of highly remunerative reward mechanisms. At the same time, you will receive a steady flow of Metabase’s ecosystem native MBAS token rewards during the process.

What is worth mentioning is that the Meta Spirit NFTs’ versatile gameplay allows the players involved in this Web3 GameFi to truly achieve an “all-win” situation. From blind box openings to get an exclusive Meta Spirit NFT, to the NFT market where you can trade and pledge, the gaming process is more like an expression of a creative spirit and happiness, which also naturally generates a need to share and to flaunt.

The game has a rarity algorithm during the processing of NFTs. For example, there are six different Meta Spirit NFT levels: the Fairy Spirit (Level 1 Spirit), Aqua Spirit (Level 2 Spirit), Forest Spirit (Level 3 Spirit), Flame Spirit (Level 4 Spirit), Terra Spirit (Level 5 Spirit), and Golden Spirit (Level 6 Spirit); and five different territories: the Super Earth Territory (1 Star), Planetary Territory (2 Stars), Galactic Hub Territory (3 Stars), Star Empire Territory (4 Stars), and Cosmic Nexus Territory (5 Stars). Players will keep merge upgrading in order to mint more rare NFTs, and keep expanding their Metabase metaverse’s territories after obtaining MBAS tokens.

In this process, players get the pleasures of the game and generous ecological benefit rights in a blind box full of surprises to finally form a sustainable and complete ecological closed loop, which allow them even more easily identify themselves with the scarcity and value. Click, Pledge, and Own. The entire core process of the game is surprisingly simple, and it makes it even more easier to attract users out of the loop. MetaBase’s successful loop-breaking has also clearly put some effort into the on-chain interaction experience.


Happy sharing is the everlasting power of the Web3 games

Beyond the user experience, the phenomenal popularity and successful break of cycles brought by MetaBase may provide some different references to the current misleading GameFi market.

We are accustomed to the wealth factors brought buy traditional GameFi products, attracting money in through a structure close to a Ponzi scheme, trapped into a Fomo’s panic and competing into a first play, first rich cycle.

The wealth factors are also a double-edged sword, the hidden side of building wealth is an inevitable death spiral. The wild swings allows a few people to enjoy the thrill of increasing their fortune, while most people are broken into pieces. Therefore, MetaBase has known very well these factors when designing its game’s economic model. A game that makes everyone happy to participate and happy to enjoy the value brought by the game as a return. This is the everlasting power of the Web3 games.

As a kind of consumer-level entertainment product, the playability, additivity and sustainability are keys to measure its health, and all these are inseparable from his underlying economic ecosystem.

The solution Metabase puts into place is to attract players to join by opening blind boxes to get rewards far higher than the cost of their investment, to build a gameplay with the combination of a diverse mix of Meta Spirit NFTs and metaverse territories to keep players in the game in a casual, step-by-step way.

Even if you can still earn crypto assets in the game, these “play to earn” are not as straightforward and fast as traditional GameFi. Log to play games during your spare time and invest crypto assets for even more NFTs into your portfolio to fully satisfy your emotional values.

Slowly, pragmatically and persistently, restore the essence of happiness and sharing.

It is not really about having a race to strike gold, MetaBase’s Web3 games want to emphasize more on its playability and sustainability, maybe it does not have the fancy skills and x factor, but it is more in line with the taste and perception of players out of the loop. And once enough additional users are retained through the experience, more DApp products based on native MBAS token can be added to the MetaBase’s ecological layout, and building a healthy business model that is on the gameplay will become possible.

I believe that through MetaBase’s “all-win” sustainable economic model design and the “happy sharing” Web3 game development concept, it will become the “loop-breaker” in this field!

Heavy news: Ethereum 2.0 ecological network SNARK will conduct global tour road show in April

According to official sources: Ethereum 2.0 ecological network will conduct tour routes around the world in April. Big coffee gathers and top traffic will gather, which will bring global users a audiovisual feast of Ethereum 2.0 ecological network!


The global roadshow itinerary in April is as follows:

On April 1st, New York, USA

April 2nd, Nevada, USA

April 5th, Britain. London

April 7, Canada. Toronto

On April 9th, Germany. Munich

April 12, the Netherlands. Rotterdam

On April 16th, Iceland.

April 18, Dubai

April 21, New Zealand Auckland

April 25, Thailand. Bangkok

Snark Introduction

Snark was jointly developed by the US Bluezilla incubator and Ethereum’s early founding team. Many Crypto elite joint code geijo organizations in various countries in the world jointly maintained. Fang 2.0 ecological network.

Snark seamlessly connects the POS version of ETH on the basis of ETH. Combining the DPOS consensus mechanism, through the new POS+DPOS consensus mechanism, the original ETH public chain network’s computing power is condensed to establish cloud algae power centers around the world. Promote the security improvement of the SNARK network through the growth of computing power and the upgrade of the consensus mechanism, and seamlessly access with the DAPP on the ETH chain, communicate with each other, truly realize interoperability, enhance network scalability performance, complete the application of SNARK, attract more Developers come to Snark Ecological Network to deploy applications.

Snark replaces the privileges in the traditional financial field. Users enjoy financial services at lower costs, and improve the operating efficiency of the entire financial system and reduce operating costs. From team qualifications to technology collection, it all reflects the collection of advanced technologies of the blockchain. Therefore, SNARK carries everyone’s important expectations for the advancement of the blockchain. Its mission is not only the improvement of the performance of the Ethereum public chain, but also how to better develop the blockchain.

Eight major alliance investment institutions

At present, SNARK has attracted the joint investment and joined the eight well -known institutions of Canada’s Hut 8 Mining, Canna Technology, Marathon Patent, Riot Blockchain, Hive Blockchain, Dialog Semiconductor, Northern Data, and MiningCity.

Initially invested 30 million US dollars to build a Snark cloud computing power server cluster and super computing center (one of the world’s largest supercomputing centers after completion). After completion, it can stabilize billions of computing power. The first round of funds have been used for $ 8 million. In the later period, a 60 -P Snark cloud -teton power server will be built in 24 countries and regions around the world.

Strategic cooperation agency

With good development prospects, SNARK has reached strategic cooperation with top blockchain institutions such as Coinmarketcap, Coindesk, ChainLink, CERTIK, Coinline, Coinbase, BINANCE, Bitstamp, Pancakeswap, Uniswap, Justswap, etc. to obtain strategic resource support for the Times Red profit. Ecological users.

Strategic cooperation agency

In addition, SNARK has received support from major media such as Dally Herald, Financial, CoinDesk, TODAYONChain, Cointelegraph, CCN, NULL TX, Chain World, Future Finance and other major media.


This global roadshow will not only be the CEO Jhon and CTO JORI of SNARK, but also have well -known experts in the industry, the global digital economy leading entrepreneur, authoritative institution, Web3.0 industry representatives and outstanding talents to share their latest insights and talents and talents. Thinking and studying how to open the “digital awakening” of the web3.0 era, and how to use “international vision, strategic height, industrial dimension” how to empower Web3.0 through SNARK, so that economic development can obtain new kinetic energy. Empower all the ecological members with the era bonus, and return the value of Web 3.0 to every creator.

In addition, the global roadshow is also paved and prepared for Snark’s thousand -person conference. Snark has been traveling forward on the road of commercial applications, and will continue to open the entrance of alliances in different fields to build a financial ecological world such as unbounded payment and digitalization of goods with longer and sustainable development vision.

After the ARB airdrop, the next track to get rich—ordinals

On the evening of March 16, the Arbitrum Foundation announced the release of its governance token ARB, opened airdrop inquiries, and officially announced its token economic model. The total number of airdropped tokens reached 1.162 billion, and the number of addresses eligible for Arbitrum airdrops totaled 625,143, accounting for about 23.5% of the total number of addresses on the chain (2.66 million). The news once again detonated the major communities. This means that more than 600,000 wallets can receive Tokens, and the largest receiving address can get 10,250 tokens. However, due to various reasons such as poor information and time difference, most people missed this epic airdrop. It is often said that one day in the currency circle is one year in the world. The ARB airdrop has become a thing of the past, and it is not a wise choice to stick to it. The currency circle will never lack opportunities, it just depends on whether you can seize it. If you want to find the next opportunity, you might as well change the direction. Here I will introduce a track with potential in the future – Ordinals.

First of all, Ordinals is not a project and has no tokens. It is an NFT trading platform similar to Opensea’s BTC

But it is not called NFT on ordinals, but inscriptions.

Ordinals and NFT do have certain similarities, and their origin process is also inextricably linked with NFT. NFT is a non-fungible token (Non-Fungible Token), which is different from Bitcoin (Bitcoin) as a typical homogeneous currency token (FT). Each NFT is unique and different from any other NFT. However, due to the particularity of the Bitcoin network, its design does not allow NFTs to appear. Therefore, Ordinals proposed a new way of handling these BTC tokens.

Bitcoin has a total of 2,100,000 billion each of which is Satoshi. So the total number of Bitcoins is 2,100 billion Satoshi. Ordinals will sequentially number these Satoshi, enter arbitrary information on the Bitcoin blockchain, such as a string of text or images (“inscription”, also known as an inscription), and link the uploaded inscription to a specific satoshi (” ordinal”). This practice is called inscribe, which is similar to the minting of Ethereum NFTs. The final product is a satoshi with an inscription, otherwise known as a Bitcoin NFT.

The Bitcoin Ordinals project is expected to drive cultural change in the Bitcoin ecosystem as well as technical improvements in NFTs. Casey Rodarmor, the creator of Ordinals, said that through this protocol, any content can be inscribed, such as text, JPEG images, PDF, video or audio format content and even applications, and transmitted through the Bitcoin network. Obviously, this is likely to help break the monopoly of the Bitcoin ecosystem. Previously, many believed that the Bitcoin ecosystem could only focus on security. The launch of Ordinals has made more people see hope, and Ordinals will inject more vitality into the blockchain ecology. In addition, Ordinals ensures that “NFT” data is all on the chain, changing the current status of many NFT project data being generated off-chain.

Yuga lab released 288 TwelvFold on ordinals, and finally raised 730 BTC. Including the early series of inscriptions on the platform, they were all swept away in large numbers.

The total market value of cryptocurrencies has just exceeded 1 trillion US dollars, and Bitcoin accounts for 0.42, which is still in an absolute dominant position. Statistics also show that the market is still swinging around BTC as the core. The market capitalization of Bitcoin is 2.3 times that of Ethereum. Compared with Ethereum, its influence is far more than 2 or 3 times. Therefore, relevant research believes that the market value of Ordinals will be at least as large as Ethereum NFT. Ethereum NFTs have proven their product-market fit and become a multi-billion dollar industry. Even if Ordinals achieves only half of what Ethereum NFTs achieve, it will reach the same market cap as Ethereum NFTs.

Ordinals gives BTC imagination space, gives BTC consumption scenarios, increases the fun of BTC, greatly increases the number of BTC FullNodes, thereby increasing network security, and increasing the incentives of miners. So we see: Ordinals has swept the entire network at an unprecedented speed since its release in early January this year. As of March, the total number of inscriptions is close to 350,000, and the total growth curve has grown at an angle of more than 45.

From doubt to doubt, more and more people began to devote themselves to Ordinals. Quietly, I think the era of Ordinals has arrived. As long as you find the right direction, success or failure is only a matter of strength. If you seize the opportunity, you will not be too far away from getting rich.

How does AI Economy bring the New narrative of Web3 application in the era of Generative AI?

At present, the crypto industry is evolving at an unprecedented speed. From NFT, Eth4, DeFi, metaverse, DEX, Axie, GameFi, Layer2, DAO, metaverse, AI, each word represents the microcosm of the surging industry, and also shows the extreme innovation vitality of this industry.

With the rapid development of AIGC, AI technologies such as generation algorithm, pre-training model and multi-mode continue to innovate at the technical level, laying the foundation for Web3 application. As the infrastructure of the era of generative AI, what opportunities and changes will AI Economy bring to the industry? And how to help enterprises and users better improve efficiency, achieve business goals?


The AI economy accumulates steadily, and the ecology generates strength

AIGC is widely regarded as a new way of content creation after PGC and UGC, and its current popularity is widely seen around the world. The rapid development of AI applications will increase the need for one-stop services to provide computing power, data and model training or fine-tuning and deployment, which is the core of the AI Economy infrastructure service platform.


AI Economy is the new infrastructure of the Web3.0 era. With artificial intelligence technology as the core, it realizes the upgrading, transformation and innovation of traditional industries by means of digitalization, intelligence and information technology. The AI Economy platform ecology is divided into the following five aspects.


Metaverse industry

The omni-directional immersive metaverse mall breaks through the division between real life and online mall, enabling users to realize immersive shopping, participate in the creation and maintenance of the metauniverse Mall, and jointly obtain the benefits of the mall.


Web3 platform

Based on a decentralized system, the platform will completely circumvent the problem of institutional monopoly.The decentralized economic environment and the advantage of data link make the black box operation and other unfair market conditions impossible to exist and provide a fair and transparent trading environment. AI Economy will comprehensively solve the monopoly and market problems of traditional economy.


AEC communication system

AEC is an original mobile communication layer framework, lightweight and highly refined. It also supports the same kind of open source framework instant messaging App of UDP+TCP+WebSocket. It supports the online use of iOS, Android, Java and H5. AEC provides capability support for social communication applications. It can realize various chat modes such as single chat and group chat, and support various message types such as text, picture, voice and short video, effectively improving user engagement and activity.


Quantum Cloud

Quantum CIoud provides computing power resources for platform users to participate in infrastructure construction. Users can purchase computing power resources and obtain corresponding benefits. Users’ earnings are released in the form of AECs issued by the Platform, which can be exchanged and withdrawn in real time through the real-time exchange service provided by the Platform. At the same time, it will introduce a variety of combination ways for users to quickly obtain the token, give high energy users a variety of capabilities, and encourage users to continue to obtain the token.



The composition of community DAOs is completely autonomous by the token participants who hold community DAOs. The tokens holding community DAOs have voting rights and development rights. For all community resources are the source of community power and the foundation of their influence on community construction.


In the age of “digital AI”, the AI Economy will becomea a new Metaverse tool. Just like the transition from PC to mobile Internet, the development of digital Economy of AI Economy in the future will change the organizational structure form and management mode, and reconstruct the static, linear and clear boundary organizational form of the industrial age.


Core technologies of AI Economy


In the new wave of AI technologies, AIGC will help shape a broader category of interactive marketing for the industry, bringing new social gameplay and ecological models. As the pilot of scientific and technological innovation, the research and development team of AI Economy keeps upgrading its technology. Under the rapid development of artificial intelligence deep learning, the integration of AIGC capability will create an all-round metauniverse ecology.


In terms of technology layer, AI Economy uses the underlying technology of metauniverse mall, the storage system network, multilevel link system, callable consensus algorithm, general framework of autonomous intelligent contract engine, open different intelligent contract execution engines, and enable various content-related industries through computing storage system, Web3.0 and edge memory. It creates more possibilities.


Secondly, AI Economy adopts the open Avatar module technology, uses AI analysis and reconstruction, takes the space unit as the pre-processing material, and pre-transmits the basic vision of what each Avatar sees and interacts with in the whole space unit to the edge, and then preloads according to the movement prediction of Avatar in the meta-universe. Improved loading speed.


Compiler provides functions related to smart contract compilation, Interpreter and Executor provide functions related to smart contract interpretation and execution, State component gives smart contract functions related to operating blockchain ledger, and Guard module provides mechanisms related to smart contract security.Will accelerate the commercial landing of AIGC related downstream scenarios.

In application scenarios, AI Economy is capable of providing AI immersive experience with truly multiple scenarios, which will become the core technology enabling it to base itself on the meta-universe and open its own ecology. The AI Economy gives people a whole new digital world. In dealing with the new ecological environment, the limitations and defects of the real world will be controlled and controlled in advance. AI Economy will measure a large number of role boundaries and tasks under the economic form, providing everyone with relatively perfect demand satisfaction in the digital system.

AI Economy is reshaping the Internet business model and creating new breakthroughs in the digital economy. After years of technological iteration and optimization, AI Economy, combined with practical experience in metaverse and AI application, can provide users with a variety of metaverse products and comprehensively reduce the cost of AI application. The AI Economy’s early investments in artificial intelligence are expected to pay off handily, potentially revolutionizing the industry with the addition of core technologies.


Each wave of technology, while innovating productivity, will also lead to changes in production relations. AI Economy will build an infrastructure base in the AIGC era and become a new gateway in the Web3.0 era by combining the technological advantages of industrial intelligence, blockchain and DAO with the full ecological model of the metaverse.

The AI of the future is supposed to be an orderly and nice world that complements the real world. Today, such a perfect world is opening its doors, and AI Economy leads a group of people who yearn for the good and dare to explore to strive to reach it.

Bitstar (BTC2.0)

Value Investing Appreciation

Investment value-added refers to: realize profit on the original basis of investment capital, make the total capital greater than the original investment cost, and the value-added in investment can achieve performance exceeding the market level. Investors get a smaller percentage of the market’s overall gains than they receive of the overall market losses. In other words, compared with the market average, their net rate of return is higher.

Entering 2023, the major risks facing the global market will be reduced, global inflation is expected to peak soon, and the Fed’s interest rate hike is coming to an end; China’s era of dynamic zeroing is over, and the policy model supports stronger economic growth. As key factors change, the market will open a new chapter. China’s economic recovery will gradually become clear, injecting momentum into global economic growth; the global financial market may usher in a strong recovery and growth in 2023.

In 2023, the blockchain market will develop faster than the conventional capital market. The encryption fund Pantera Capital released an investor letter “The Year Ahead” on its official website, pointing out that the bottom of the market in 2022 has passed, Bitcoin has bottomed out, and the market will soon see Considering the appreciation trend of assets on the chain, in the past 13 years, the average annual appreciation rate can reach 2.3 times. 2023 will be an excellent time for blockchain startups. The VC industry raised $121 billion in funds in the first half of last year, and many venture capital institutions are waiting to deploy these funds into the field of encrypted assets.

ARK Investment Management LLC

Ark Investment, the full name of ARK Investment Management LLC, is an asset management company headquartered in New York, USA. It was founded by Catherine Wood in 2014. As of February 2021, the company manages approximately US$50 billion in assets .

Ark Investment focuses on companies applying revolutionary technologies, such technologies include artificial intelligence, robotics, electric vehicles, energy storage technology, financial technology, blockchain, cryptocurrency, web3.0 technology, etc. The company also publishes market analysis, trading, portfolio and research reports to the public. From 2014 to 2021, the company’s ARK Innovation ETF achieved an annual return of 39%, outpacing the growth of the S&P 500 over the same period.

At the same time, the company also has a highly experienced developer team and expert consultant team. Its members come from internationally renowned companies such as IBM, GOOGLE, AMAZON, and AIRBNB, and have many years of relevant experience to ensure that the project can be promoted in an orderly manner.

Blockchain Lab:


Nick Due Lord

Holds a BS and MS in business from Stanford University, and an MBA from Stanford University.

He used to be the chief analyst of IBM Blockchain Research Center, worked in Alibaba Global AliExpress, and is currently entering theblockchain industry.


Daniel Sharman

He used to work as the R&D manager of Airbnb’s US mobile department, the senior manager of Google’s Google search department, and the technical executive of iAdvize. Has rich experience in Python, Java and Blockchain development, and focuses on the research and development of blockchain system architecture.


Marlene Stoklosa

Platform system architect, former chief architect of IBM Blockchain Research Center

Facing the value-added era of global blockchain investment in 2023, in order to seize investment opportunities, Ark has designed and developed a new investment plan: Bit Star, with the help of the project token BTC2.0 and smart contract technology, inviting global investors to participate in the creation 2023 strongest encrypted assets.


btc2.0 aims to facilitate the Internet by connecting private chains, alliance chains, public chains, open networks and oracles, and future technologies that have not yet been created. Independent blockchains can be trusted in a trustless manner through Polkadot’s relay chain Exchange information and transactions. Polkadot makes it easier than ever to create/connect decentralized applications, services and institutions, and build better solutions by empowering innovators. At the same time, btc2.0 is a Web3.0 blockchain cloud infrastructure platform designed to Lower the threshold for individuals, enterprises and developers to participate in the blockchain ecology. The Btc2.0 node market provides users with simple, fast and economical one-click node deployment solutions, while the btc2.0 market provides one-click API solutions for public blockchains and DeFi protocols.

Btc2.0 tokens are released on the Binance Smart Chain, and 100,000 Btc2.0 tokens will be minted, with an initial price of $1, destroyed according to the investment ratio, and will be listed on the Pizza Exchange when it reaches $20, and 10,000 tokens will be reserved in the end.

[AMA Recap] Discovering NFT, DAO & GameFi Opportunities in 2023

On Feb 15, 2023, For Metas hosted an in-depth AMA at the Fomoin community.

Fomoin is a digital marketing solution and one-stop incubation engine for blockchain startups.

This AMA assists Fomoin users to have a deeper understanding of the entire platform of For Metas and its future plan.


Today, we are honored to invite Stan [Director Marketing of FOR METAS] to do an AMA about FOR METAS. First of all, please allow me to express my warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to Stan!

Glad To See You here! Thanks for bringing us FOR METAS! I’m pretty sure that our AMA participants are very excited to learn more about FOR METAS, so let’s get started!

Here is the first question for you. Lets start with the introduction. What does For Metas do?

For Metas

FOR METAS is building an aggregated application platform that provides a seamless and engaging entertainment experience for users. Our goal is to build a one-stop hub for users to gain access to various entertainment resources including but not limited to blockchain games, live streaming, social Dapp, metaverse and AR/VR within one platform in a fast, secured, permissionless, incentivized and decentralized way.

We aim to bring together specialists from many sectors to create Web3-native entertainment ecosystem! Gaming, streaming, and virtual life to create, listen to, watch, and play many forms of entertainment with us under the core tokenomics of $4MW.


For metas is a Web 3 gaming dapps. What are the difference from other gaming platform?

For Metas

The content on For Metas platform is quite unique. We are the first one to integrate games, live streaming, social, Metaverse,AR/VR, and other features probably in the coming future.

Then nobody is building an aggregated web3 application like we do. If you find yourself dividing your time between your computer, your games console, your streaming application and your stereo. Then For Metas is definitely a place for you to go, all the best dapps for you to have fun let out your steam while having a chance to earn.

So coming to the earning part, most people might be interested in, you know, most gamefi projects. They have a really short life circle, and it’s more like a game of “Pass the Parcel”, needing constant inflow of users and funds to support the survival of the game. Though the traditional game with a millions downloads can suffer from this short-life problem and is kinda inevitable. In For Meta’s case, we’ll launch and incubate 10–20 games, and this means platform users can constantly have new experiences and we also solve the above problem by injecting vitality through new ones.

What is more, even For Metas game NFTs is recyclable, It allows users to use a single asset across the “borders” between multiple games. That is to say, one game asset can be used in another game, even across categories. In contrast with other NFTs that quickly lose its value after the “death”of the game, For Metas game NFTs have the potential to preserve or even appreciate in value.


What kinds of game is about to launch on For Metas?

For Metas

There will be 5–6 different types of games launch on For Metas every year. Among them, there is a big production like Gloryland.

Of course, there are also some simple games for daily entertainment.

Since users have different preferences for game types, we need a feasible mechanism to regulate those games that are launched on For Metas. With this in mind, we will launch related governance NFTs in the future.


Would you consider governance by DAO? In which way?

For Metas

We mentioned the governance of NFT in the last question. This is an important part of For Metas planning. As a Web3 based application platform, For Metas is also considering referring to some good project to design the top governance NFTs.

We hope to divide the rights and benefits of users through different NFTs. For example, users who hold platform governance rights NFT can participate in the platform’s DAO governance, vote for which games can be launched on For Metas, and enjoy platform revenue sharing and so on. For another example, users who hold the NFT of game governance rights can have the right to propose the game, and enjoy the game’s dividends, the highest level of VIP benefits in the game, and so on. Of course, all this is still in the conception stage and has not yet been implemented.


What is the next plan in coming months?

For Metas

The first big game, Gloryland, continues its open beta. Interested friends can participate here: ForMetas Tutorial | How to join the beta version of Gloryland? | by For Metas Official | Jan, 2023 | Medium

In addition, For Metas will launch a variety of mini-games one after another to meet the needs of players.

In addition, as a top priority, For Metas will launch a series of governance NFTs to lay a solid foundation for the future ecosystem.


That’s the wraps up of our first part of the AMA session✅

Thank you very much Stan [Director Marketing of FOR METAS] for the great answer.

Now moving to our Twitter Segment

1.Collaborations and partnerships are some of the most important cornerstones to help improve adoption. Could you please tell us about the current partners, plans for partnerships and what everybody stands to gain from these partnerships?

By @Elizabe54876828

For Metas

Our team has many blockchain and game partnerships and communities in East and Southeast Asia, such as COCOS-BCX, LINK3, EthereumFair, Mail3,etc. These relationships come from our team members’ past experience and network accumulation in the industry.

We will carry out in-depth cooperation with these partners, such as holding some activities and so on. Users will benefit from these collaborations.


2. How this project can survive in the current crypto market competition?

By @awala82

For Metas

Although the cryptocurrency industry is highly competitive, I have great confidence in our team. Because we have a very strong social network and resources. At the same time, we have many years of experience in this industry. We have excellent team members and partners who understand the market and the future of the industry.

What we need to do now is to lay a solid foundation to allow more web2 users to enter the world of blockchain games. When the trend comes, For Metas will naturally be the high-quality platform that attracts everyone’s attention.


3. Many projects start with inexperienced team members and some of them don’t go well because of mistakes. How was the experience and background of the your team effective in project success? And how are you going to instill trust in your user base, since the team is anonymous?

By @Arnns_123

For Metas

Behind the For Metas project is my team, our team was born with a mission to create a leading web3 application ecosystem and has many blockchain and game partnerships and communities in East and Southeast Asia, such as COCOS-BCX, LINK3, EthereumFair, Mail3 and sure, Fomoin as well. You can check in our discord channel #partnerships under LEARN FOR METAS IN MINS.

Team members of For Metas have been working in the entertainment industry for years, covering the space of games, movies, and high tech companies. For Metas has also received millions of funds in its seed round from well-known individual & institutional investors, we will disclose the detailed information at a certain stage. This investment will enable For Metas to develop and grow while adding more valuable changes to the entertainment industry across a longer time expectancy.

Our team has more than 6 years of operating experience in the encryption industry, so we have a lot of resources in the industry. Also because we have experienced bull markets and bear markets many times, we know very well what the market is like and what kind of things should be done at what stage. This is very important for a new project.


In which ways do you generate revenue/profit? So many projects just like to speak about the “long-term vision and mission” but what are your short terms objectives? What are you focusing right now?

By @xiaoyemd001

For Metas

Yes, many projects like to talk about the long-term future. For Metas is different. In addition to long-term and sustainable planning in the future, we also focus on the current benefits of users.

For example, what is the use of game NFT besides playing games? Holding this NFT can mine $4mw tokens every day in exchange for income.

Also, unlike other GameFi, For Metas has a new P2E model. Interested friends can read this article carefully:What are the highlights and advantages of For Metas Platfrom? | by For Metas Official | Feb, 2023 | Medium

I believe that after you finish reading, you will have some new and different understandings of the entire blockchain game industry.

JPEX |What are the functions and discounts of JPEX Exchange? Perfect asset holdings!

Despite the ongoing bear market, the JPEX exchange continues to expand its territories of operations, and constantly upgrades and optimizes its website functions so that desktop and mobile users can enjoy better technological resources.

To ensure that clients’ funds are safe, JPEX followed in the footsteps of other mainstream cryptocurrency exchanges by providing PROOF OF CAPITAL RESERVES to allay the fears of traders that the platform will not head in the direction of bankrupt exchange FTX. The On-Chain Data on JPEXs official website shows that two wallet addresses belonging to the exchange have about 9,000 Bitcoins (BTC) in reserve which is equivalent to around $150 million, per current market rates. Additionally, there are several assets locked in different cold pockets (currently going through a third-party audit stage). Once the auditing phase is complete, details of the assets will be disclosed in a future official announcement in addition to a more detailed audit report.

About JPEX Exchange

The full name of the exchange is JP-EX CRYPTO ASSET PLATFORM PTY LTD. and its operating headquarters is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). JPEX is supervised by Dubai’s Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA) and it’s fully compliant with regulatory measures in all the jurisdictions it operates. With a primary focus on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, JPEX has more than $2 billion in global assets and technology under its management and tags itself as a capital-rich exchange.

The business activities of JPEX cover Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Australia. The company uses the cryptocurrency market as its base point and spreads its resources across various industries. A great example of this can be attributed to JPEX spending more than HK $40 million on advertisements in Hong Kong which included contracting a Hong Kong celebrity as a Brand Ambassador. Moreover, JPEX launched an exclusive non-fungible token (NFT) “J-BALL” with Australian Football League (AFL) club Western Sydney Wanderers.

About JPEX Relevant Licenses

Since its establishment, JPEX has been constantly applying for the relevant licenses associated with the operation of virtual assets which includes cryptocurrencies. The exchange currently holds licenses from the appropriate regulatory bodies in Canada, Australia, and the United States of America.

In Canada, JPEX holds the Canadian MSB Fintrac License which regulates currency trading and currency exchange service enterprises.

In the United States of America (USA), JPEX holds the FinCEN MSB financial license which is issued by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Bureau (it falls under the Department of Treasury). Services performed under the license include foreign exchange, international remittance, and currency trading and transfer which includes virtual or digital currency, issuance of initial coin offering (the cryptocurrency version of an initial public offering for centralized companies), advance payment provision, and traveler’s checks issuance.

In Australia, JPEX holds an operating license from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

Aside from Asia and North America, JPEX has also entered the European cryptocurrency market.

JPEX has applied for the Lithuanian cryptocurrency exchange and wallet operator registration license. As one of the few countries that operate within the European Union and European Economic Area, Lithuania is a member state of the Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASP) and is recognized as a traditional financial jurisdiction in Europe for payment and electronic money licensing.

On the functioning of our website and mobile applications powered by iOS and Android, JPEX introduced functions such as a multi-signature cold wallet, insurance mechanism, VISA Signature Financial Card, and the metaverse game JP Planet to bolster the interest of existing and potential customers.

About the JPEX Exchange Insurance Mechanism

To allay all forms of fear of customers, JPEX introduced the user funds insurance mechanism. Due to the waning crypto market and extreme volatility in addition to complexities surrounding the use of crypto wallets, should a JPEX customer lose funds on legitimate grounds, JPEX can pay every user a maximum of 75,000 United States Dollar Tether (USDT) in protection money. The figure stated and reserved as insurance covers 90% of potential fund losses and falls within the international financial requirements designed to safeguard the funds of traders across the globe. While 75,000 USDT is available to all customers, those seeking a part of the insurance package must have completed the exchange’s Knowing Your Customer (KYC) verification process.

About JPEX Exchange Multiple Signature Cold Wallet

With hackers making off with billions of dollars in stolen money through the compromising of crypto wallets, JPEX has maximized security on the storage of cryptocurrencies using multiple signature cold wallet technology. Generally, in crypto, cold wallets are paired with a set of private keys or passcodes, and it is not available online. As a result, hackers and cybercriminals do not have access to the contents of a particular wallet. The same holds for multi-signature cold wallets but they come with more than a single set of private keys which also guarantees security. This technology helps JPEX maximize the protection of customer assets.

About JPEX Exchange ‘Best Staking Platform’ Title

JPEX has been a major force in the cryptocurrency industry since its establishment in 2020. Since that time, JPEX has headlined many activities in the decentralized finance and blockchain technology sector which includes serving as a Sponsor of the Blockchain FEST in Singapore as well as a Crypto EXPO in Dubai. Such involvement has transitioned JPEX from being seen as an EMERGING exchange to a more mature and ESTABLISHED exchange.

About JPEX Exchange VISA Payment Financial Card Function

In the first half of 2022, JPEX and Simplex by Nuvei co-launched JPEXxSimplex Visa Transaction Financial Card to help the growing number of cryptocurrency users convert virtual and fiat currency.

The card is currently available free of charge through the JPEX website, with the physical cards issued before the end of 2022.

Some users have already received physical cards by the end of 2022.

The JPEX Visa Card has been made available to European customers first, initially covering France, Germany, Italy and Lithuania.

About JPEX Exchange JP Planet Metaverse Game

JP Planet is JPEX’s first metaverse game and the first phase is expected to launch in mid-February 2023. YAMI will be the first NFT series of JPP ecology with 888 characters. Each YAMI will be presented in a unique style and its props and rarity will vary according to character level.

To provide users with the ultimate trading experience, JPEX launched an integrated comprehensive trading mechanism including spot trading, contract trading, and copy trading.

For the spot trading section, JPEX gathered the world’s mainstream 100 cryptocurrencies with the largest market capitalization and trading volume and it comes with the lowest fee of 0.04%.

For the contract trading section, JPEX screened 30 types of high liquidity coins, with the highest leverage of 200 times. At the same time, JPEX gives a minimum 50% discount on transaction fees and 30 USDT contract experience gold benefits.

For copy trading boards, JPEX strictly audits the trader qualifications. Users can choose the right trader according to risk tolerance, principal, return and other parameters to fully automatically copy or semi-manual semi-automatic copy, and pay 10% of the revenue as copy fee.

In response to the financial needs of users with different risk tolerance, JPEX launched three (3) types of financial services and they are demand finance, DEFI finance and liquid finance which involve 36 currencies in addition to stablecoins.

About Demand Finance

It includes BTC, Ethereum (ETH), USDT, United States Dollar Coin (USDC) and other mainstream cryptocurrencies. It provides interest returns ranging from 10% to 23%, and users can choose to deposit 1, 7, 15, and 30 days to receive the corresponding remuneration. JPEX finance earnings come from JPEX EARN’s automatic arbitrage technology.

About DeFi Finance

Decentralized finance has taken the world by storm with above-average interest rates. Through JPEX, users can choose a good DeFi platform to pour liquidity and receive consistent passive income while reducing the risk of losses related to personal and professional resources. Due to the uncertainty of engaging with the crypto market, the insurance mechanism is put in place by JPEX to protect customer funds.

About Mobile Banking

Mobile banking refers to the user depositing cryptocurrencies to provide liquidity to the trading system. JPEX provides additional incentives to reward these liquidity providers (LPs).

JPEX also officially launched the platform’s currency JPC in September 2022 which has a maximum supply of 10 trillion tokens and reached an all-time high (ATH) price of $0.01049 on Feb.2, 2023.

In addition to having many functions, holding JPC comes with many perks such as enjoying a significant reduction in transaction fees, and having access to the first subscription offer for newly listed items. To remain competitive in a market whereby more than 20,000 crypto assets search for buyers, JPC continues to carry out periodical token-burning exercises to reduce the number of coins available to JPC holders. In the process, JPC as a token will function as a currency due to its scarcity attribute.

JPEX launched LAUNCHPAD to repay the exchange’s loyal users. Users can subscribe with JPC or USDT for the lottery. In the USDT lottery, users who win will exchange the corresponding percentage of new coins, and if they don’t win, they will be returned in the same way.

To give back to users, JPEX has slated the period January 15, 2023, 00:00 – April 15, 2023, 00:00 (GMT +8) for the YEAR OF THE RABBIT CONTRACT ROYALTY CONTEST. Prizes will be given out to the number of trading profits of USDT local contract trading. The top three (3) leaders in the contract profits will share a total of 150 million JPCs as long as they have fully completed the Know Your Customer (KYC) phase of verification.

First Place: 75 million JPC

Second Place: 45 million JPC

Third Place: 30 million JPC.  


Along with the introduction of cryptocurrency-related regulations in various countries, the crypto market is gradually accepted by more retail investors and institutions.

JPEX always grasps the trend, constantly improves its functions and services from a development perspective, developing new technologies to provide the ultimate trading services for global traders, and strives to become the industry pioneer.

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The 2023 Ecological Consensus Conference and the ProTradex Platform Launch Conference were successfully held in Bangkok

On February 17, 2023, the 2023 Ecological Consensus Conference and Protradex platform launch conference ended successfully in Bangkok, Thailand. The conference is based on the theme of application ecology to explore the new direction of Protradex’s ecological development, explore the opportunities and challenges faced under the development of the new period, jointly promote the high -speed development of the industry, and promote the platform to better ecological implementation.


At the beginning of the meeting, the special guest Thai general Gen. Chot -nunpreecha Subhirun made a speech and shared. He said that in the current changing economic environment, the financial industry has always been one of the most vibrant and challenging areas in all walks of life. For companies that are deeply cultivated, they need to constantly face new challenges and find new opportunities to maintain the market leading position. This meeting is a platform for communication and sharing. We can discuss industry dynamics and trends through this platform, share sharing experience and insights, promote financial innovation and development, and make more outstanding industry pioneers and partners. Seek more opportunities for cooperation. With the end of the speech and warm applause, the sharing session of the conference at this launch conference also officially kicked off.


With the opening of the meeting, the meeting ushered in the theme sharing session, namely Co-Founder and Managing Partner Cloudtree Ventures-Alex, CEO DIGITECH Security Infobalt-George, Protradex Ambassador-Danrod Three Tsistra Models. Wonderful speech.

First of all, Co-Founder and Managing Partner Cloudtree Ventures-Alex shared the keynote speech “Nine Trends in the Blockchain Industry”. He mentioned that traditional Internet media and content distribution platforms, even if the content is professional, and has more editors, the commercial value does not exceed Twitter and Instgram. Also in the era of web3.0, there are more professional financial people and more profitable companies, which is not as good as a global open agreement. It uses a uniform Crypto and Token system in the world to cross the bridge of language and culture. Go to capture greater value. Obviously, web3.0 must be a bright road to the future.


Then, CEO DIGITECH SECTOR Association Infobalt-George shared the keynote speech “Web3.0: Opportunities and Challenges”. He mentioned that web3.0 will be another major transformation of human communication and entertainment methods after the mobile Internet era. As science and technology are becoming more and more mature, underlying technologies such as 5G, VR, blockchain, and digital twins provide strong support for the vigorous development of Web3. These relationships or scenarios have changed, and the business form carrying these connections will also carry out a new round of disruptive innovation. The appearance of the Web3 concept not only rewrites the traditional business model, reshapes the global digital business map, but is even expected to give birth to a new digital era.

Subsequently, the heavy link of this conference-PROTRADEX ecological launching ceremony was officially opened. With the impassioned music, the host invited six representatives of Alex, George, Danrod, Jenny, Shao Shuai, and Allen to the stage for launching ceremony. “Ten, nine, eight … three, two, one, start!”, As the big screen launch button lights up, the road of protradex ecological change is officially opened, and another financial dark horse on the chain was born.


After that, the Protradex Ambassador-Danrod brought the guest to the guests to give a speech “Protradex: A One-Stop Financial Service Platform”. From the industry background, ecology, products, business models, and innovation advantages, he introduced in detail the financial magnificent blueprint on the Protradex chain. Protradex is a one -stop financial service platform focusing on derivatives on the chain. At present, the platform provides a goal based on going to go The centralized NFT leverage mortgage agreement is different from the current NFT loan platform on the market. Protradex not only allows users to deposit NFT assets into the capital pool to obtain encrypted assets, such as USDT, but also supports users to hold encrypted assets in the agreement, borrow funds through leverage, and use these assets to purchase popular NFT in the platform when the NFT price rises. And profit.


With the end of Danrod’s keynote speech, it entered another wonderful link of this meeting-PROTRADEX overseas team connection. This overseas connection invited Protradex CMO-Victor. During the connection period, Victor mainly focused on the current development status, competitive advantages, platform highlights, market expansion, ecological landing, future development route direction, multi -dimensional and omni -aspects of the development of ProtraDex.


When the video connection came to an end, a warm applause sounded again at the scene. Driven by the host, the meeting pushed to the climax again. Wonderful content sharing and melodious music, accompanied by soft lights, under the witness of the representatives of major leaders and the guests attending the meeting, everyone took a group photo, 2023 ECOLOGAL CONSENSUS Conference Protradex Launch Meeting also ended a successful end.